Posted on May 26, 2009

Role: UX Designer // Company: Microsoft // Software: Flash, Photoshop 

The Next Generation Project was my first project when I joined Microsoft and was a purely creative/ future thinking project, the brief was to  create three new paradigms for the MSN network.

These included:

  • Slide and Zoom
  • Dashboard
  • Remote




The overall objective was to:

  • Create three new paradigms for the MSN portal
  • Future thinking but based in reality
  • Revamp, “refresh the web”
  • Live web, activity, vibrancy and life
  • Social network/ portal
  • Create a flexible and dynamic solution that could accommodate a variety of content

Combine this into an  interactive presentation coving areas below:

  • Aesthetic (Visual, Layouts, Typography)
  • Core (Paradigms, Entry Points, Video)
  • Content (Home Pages and Channels)
  • End to end examples
  • Brand

As a first project it was a ‘baptism of fire’ but ultimately it was a fantastic project where I learnt an incredible amount mainly due to getting to work with a small team of incredible talented, knowledgeable and fun people; including Christine Anderson and Adrian Green (Managers), Des Plunkett and Chris Pallaris (Design).