Posted on Feb 28, 2014

Role: Art Director, Design, Production and Development // Company: HMH // Software: iBooks Author, Photoshop, Illustrator


My role on the project was to create  a “proof of concept” for iBooks Author, which explored the possibilities and capabilities of the software prior to its release. This included getting the opportunity to visit and work with the Apple team on site in Cupertino which was a great experience. The proof of concept was a great success and lead to the development of 13 books for iBook Author.


Rich reusable layouts and templates
Design for landscape and portrait views
Main page layouts
Interactive maps, widgets, info graphics and 3D models
Goals of the Proof of Concept:
  • Find way to differentiate iBook experience
  • Create a deep/engaging experience
  • Increase value through interactive widgets
  • Determine optimal technical and production approach
  • Explore iBooks authoring tool, environment and capabilities
  • Define implementation recommendations
  • Define structure and key layouts (templates)
  • Emphasize the rich, visual experience of the iPad
  • Support the user experience
  • Design for landscape and portrait views
  • Maintain the high level structure of the print book to facilitate a teacher in the classroom

“Proof of Concept” Accomplishments:

  • Gained a deep understanding of the iBooks Authoring Tool and its opportunities
  • Developed and tested a production process and team profile
  • Developed an iBook with the following differentiating elements: Interactive timelines, maps, 3D models,embedded audio and video, visually rich and engaging with supporting additional imagery, designed with consideration for landscape and portrait views
  • Delivered in a 12 week timeframe
  • Lead to the development of 13 books for iBook Author