Posted on Apr 11, 2011

Role: Art Director // Company: HMH // Software: Photoshop, Illustrator.


Awards: 16th Webby Awards, Official Honouree and Association of Educational Publishers, Distinguished Achievement Award for Mobile Device Application …

Fuse is a suite of iPad apps including Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry for the K-12 Maths curriculum.

The apps contain the entire paper version of the text as well as many additional features.


Additional features include…

Quizzes with instant feedback and built in remediation

400 video tutorials

Notes that can be typed, recorded and saved

A scratchpad where the student can try out problems

Each app has multiple topic specific built-in tools, such as Algebra Tiles, Linear Explorer, Quadratic Explorer, 3D shapes,  graphing calculator etc

Teachers also have access to all assessment results in an on-line Teacher Resource Center and can prescribe remediation or intervention as needed

‘Math Motion’ where a problem is worked out and a students can reveal the solution at their own pace by swiping step−by−step animated instruction

Study aids like homework help, tips and hints

The initial Algebra 1 app was a first generation iPad textbook and the first educational app of its kind therefore there were many interesting technical, logistic and design challenges in pushing the boundaries of the text book, the iPad and the math’s curriculum.

doing detailed analysing of the content and how best to present and organize it in a digital context,

As the Art Director on the project my responsibilities included detailed analysing of the content and how best to present and organize it in a digital context,  creating an over-arching solution which identified opportunities for interaction and additional  functionality that would enhance the experience and aid learning, working on User Flows, Content Map and Wireframes  to translate a large math’s curriculum across to the iPad and insure it was cohesive and engaging for students and teachers alike.

My role also included creating and overseeing the design solution of both the core content and the additional features and communicating them to stakeholders, the internal design team, vendors and to help to coordinate multiple strands of work in-house and externally, reviewing builds and trouble shooting.

The Algebra 1 app was also part of a pilot program in four  US School Districts. 78 percent of students using the app scored Proficient or Advanced on the state test, compared to only 59 percent of their fellow students who learned using traditional methods.

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App content with inline Scratchpad


Algebra Tiles: built-in tool with Algebra 1 and 2


3D shapes: built-in tool with Geometry


Skills Review screen